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Alpro A640 Steel Toe Clogs ?>

Alpro A640 Steel Toe Clogs

A steel-toed Birkenstock? Who would’ve guessed how popular the Alpro A640 was going to be? Certainly not us, but it looks like our customers have found out about this one-piece slip-resistant steel-toed clog. Most likely the majority of folks purchasing the washable clog work in either kitchens or laboratories – some place where water or chemicals are present. We just recently shipped nine pair to what appeared to be a lab in New York state. Guess they heard good things…

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Jane’s Picks – Alpro P250 Sandals ?>

Jane’s Picks – Alpro P250 Sandals

What looks like a Birkenstock Arizona, has a slip-resistant sole, the footbed of a Birki’s and is 25% off? If you guessed the ALPRO P250, you’re right! If you don’t recognize the ALPRO brand, click here to learn more. Want to know about the Birki’s/ALPRO footbed, click here. Want to buy one, click here. Click Here To SHOP at Happy Feet Plus

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