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Get the Right Size

Get the Right Size

If you’re getting ready to purchase your first pair of Birkenstock footwear you might find the following information useful.

First off, there are footbed differences between Birkenstock, Birki’s, Alpro, Footprints, Papillio, and Tatami. You can read more about the differences in the way the footbeds fit by going to a previous blog entry Footbed Differences.

As far as sizing goes, all Birkenstock brand family are pretty similar. Click Here to go to the Happy feet Plus Sizing Chart. The length fit for all Birkenstock brand family sandals and clogs conform to the Size Chart. If you’re looking to buy a Footprints shoe, you probably ought to go one size bigger.

Much of the Birkenstock brand family footwear is available in Narrow and Regular widths. The chart below identifies how you can tell the difference in the marking for narrow and regular width footwear. (Some styles come in a medium width. The footprint icon for medium width is solid in the forefoot and open in the heel.)

Birkenstock Width Information

Once you’ve identified your size, ordered your footwear from Happy Feet Plus (of course) and open the box, how do you determine if it is a correct size?

Well, Birkenstock has developed a pretty thorough set of instructions for ensuring that you have a perfect fit.

Birkenstock Fitting Information

    When you first receive your Birkenstock footwear

  1. Remove the shoes from the box and gently flex them with your hands or on the floor. Birkenstocks often feel a bit stiff at first and this will help soften them and make them feel comfy sooner.
  2. Unbuckle ALL of the straps and place your feet in the shoes. Make sure your heels are ALL the way back in the heel cup of the shoes. The contours of the footbed should correspond to your own arch and the toe bar should fit comfortably beneath your toes, where your toes meet your foot.
  3. Before you stand up, look to see if there is adequate space for your feet (approx. ¼” for toes and heels, and 1/8” on the sides of your feet). You’ll want a little extra room because your feet will expand when you stand and walk.
  4. Buckle the straps starting at your toes and working up. The straps should be a bit snug but not tight. The support will come from the footbed, not from tightly buckled straps. It’s just right if you can wiggle one finger between the strap and your foot.
  5. Now take a walk around the house and see how they feel. They might feel a bit stiff. That’s normal. As soon as you start wearing them a bit they will start to soften and shape to your foot.
  6. Once you feel comfortable with them around the house then go ahead and start wearing them outside. Make sure to get used to them slowly though. Allow your feet and your body to gradually get used to the new support, the straps and the buckles. We recommend a few hours for the first 5 or 6 wearings. After that you may never want to take them off.

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