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Joya: The Softest Shoe in the World

Joya Puts the Joy Back Into Walking

Developed by the son of the original maker of the MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) shoe company, Joya embraces a futuristic and minimalist approach to footwear comfort optimization. Inspired by the natural flow of walking encouraged by MBT’s research findings, Joya’s founders Karl Mueller Jr. and Claudio Minder are dedicated to providing products that continue the MBT legacy, but with a more flexible and lightweight design.

Joya ShoesJoya shoes are not all about toning or providing a workout in disguise. On the contrary, the focus of the Joya company is to create a walking experience that is as effortless and comfortable as is humanly and scientifically possible. Joya footwear uses lightweight breathable materials that allow your feet to breathe and remain cool and refreshed, just like when they are in their natural form: bare. The soft, buoyant materials absorb the shock created when your foot strikes a hard walking surface. They cushion your joints and minimize the stress inflicted on them.

The ergonomic design of this innovative line of footwear also promotes muscle alignment and activity from your core all the way down to the tips of your toes. The enhanced physiological structure promotes a healthy bodily arrangement for guided walking that is both enjoyable and wholesome. Doctors and physical therapists alike have been known to recommend this company’s fine line of products due to their therapeutic qualities and benefits.

An intense 12-person study performed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology revealed striking results and praise for Joya shoes. Like its predecessor MBT, Joya mimics the sensation of walking barefoot on a slightly yielding terrain.

The findings of the study showed that the shoes not only give, as you step, with the desired natural suppleness, but they also effectively cushion weak joints, elevate the amount of energy exerted, promote a greater range of motion & support a more fluid motion & smoother trajectory as compared with other conventional shoe brands. Users report having more stamina to walk further distances, an overall improved posture, and significantly reduced back pain.

As the acclaimed “Softest Shoe in the World,” Joya aims to promote health and happiness by keeping your feet content. The idea is to make walking comfortable and fun so you can enjoy the movement itself and experience an elevated mood just from doing such a mundane daily activity as walking. According to its myriad of loyal customers, Joya truly puts the joy back into walking.

MBT: Footwear With A Philosophy

MBT Stands for Masai Barefoot Technology

In 1996, a groundbreaking connection between instability and the body’s natural movement patterns was discovered by observing the practices of the Masai people. The human foot is best suited for walking and standing on soft ground that has a natural unevenness and resilience. With such information in hand, MBT invented a line of footwear dedicated to re-creating the conditions for which your feet and posture are naturally designed.

The combination of conventional footwear and the flat, hard surfaces that people walk on today forces the body to align and balance itself unnaturally. MBTs feature a curved sole that creates a natural instability when you stand. As you walk, the shoe’s curved bottom generates a rolling motion that closely mimics the motion of walking on soft ground with bare feet. Your body instinctively works to steady itself, encouraging balance, correct posture, and muscle training that can have profound effects on the body.

MBT Sport WhiteImproved physical alignment reduces and may even eliminate back pain, helping you to remain on your feet for longer periods of time with little to no discomfort. Countless satisfied users have claimed that sustained walking, such as through an entire mall or a long walk in the park, seemed a thing of the past until they gave MBT’s a try. Besides relieving back pain and other posture-related ailments, MBT shoes also give the muscles in your legs and buttocks a seemingly effortless workout. Your muscles are constantly working to stabilize your entire body weight, including those muscles that are not being put to good use with your usual footwear. So, you can burn calories and shape and tone your legs and buttocks without ever breaking a sweat.

Extensive scientific studies focusing on optimal physiotherapy show the advanced benefits of this revolutionary technology. Furthermore, the advantages do not end with physical health improvements. MBTs are also completely re-solable, so you can wear them all day every day and simply replace the sole when needed rather than having to purchase a new pair. This results not only in less wasted material destined for landfills, but also in less wasted money you would otherwise spend on shoe replacements year after year after year.

Since its beginning, the company has extended its line to include numerous colors and styles offered in more than 50 countries worldwide. MBT creates shoes using more than just the latest developments in ergonomics and style. MBT is footwear with a philosophy.

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Happy Feet Plus – Sarasota celebrates GRAND OPENING

Happy Feet Plus - Sarasota Store

Happy Feet Plus – Sarasota celebrates GRAND OPENING
Fri Nov 11th and Sat Nov 12th

Happy Feet Plus moved from South Tamiami Trail after 5 years, to the much livelier downtown location at 1453 Main Street.

This weekend on Friday and Saturday one of the founders, Jane Strong will be there, along with some of their shoe vendors, giving away FREE shoes every hour and FREE gifts with every purchase. The company is also offering sale prices on everything to introduce Sarasota to the Euro-Comfort footwear company. The store also has a foot scanner where customers can see a digital photo showing not only their foot size, but also their arch type and pressure points.

Happy Feet Plus is a locally owned Largo, FL based, shoe company that first opened as a kiosk in Tyrone Square Mall, St. Petersburg in 1985. The company is owned by Jane Strong & Jacob Wurtz, who now have nine retail store locations from Clearwater to Fort Myers, as well as a large online presence at

The trendy shoe stores offer brands like Birkenstock, Mephisto, Naot, Finn Comfort, Dansko, Ecco, MBT, and of course, their signature brand Kenkoh.

According to Jane Strong, “The Kenkoh Reflexology Massage sandal provides a new approach to pain relief, and has helped countless numbers of our customers with foot, knee and back pain”. Strong went on to say, “This sandal is what inspired us to get in the shoe business more than 26 years ago because of the astounding health benefits we observed ourselves!”

The Sarasota store, which they newly renovated in earth tones has a warm and friendly atmosphere. The store is managed by Kathy Lanier who also ran the location they moved from. The store is open seven days a week. Mon – Sat 10 am – 6 pm Sun 11- 5 pm. On First Friday they stay open until 9 pm. For more store information call 941-924-2536 or check out

For More Information Contact:
Jane Strong


Jane’s Picks – MBT Fora Silver

Step into your stronger body with MBT! This is the first time we’ve discounted this MBT this much. Take advantage of the special pricing on the MBT Fora – one week only.

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Are you off your rocker (sole)?

Happy Feet Plus - MBT Rocks

Quality and function versus fad and fashion. What are you looking for?

If Joe Montana says a something is good it’s got to be true, right? Perhaps, but before you lay down any cash for a pair of rocker sole shoes do some homework. Just to let you know, Happy Feet Plus sells MBT, Cogent and Finn Comfort rocker sole footwear.

If you just want the cheapest rocker shoe in a color to match your favorite outfit, you probably do not need to read any further. On the other hand, if you’re looking for performance footwear to help work leg and glute muscles, and strengthen your back, then read on.

MBT is recognized as the originator, innovator, and creator of the rocker sole footwear category. Lots of research and development went into the design of their shoes and sandals. You can read more about the research studies by clicking here.

Any high quality shoe is going to be resoleable rather than disposable. When you have your MBT refurbished, the outsole is replaced. The Masai Sensor, which takes most of the impact on the MBT, is also replaced. So too are the shoelaces. Last, but not least, the upper is spiffed up. Can, or will, the other rocker-sole companies do the same?

You might also want to look into the academic research and professional endorsements for each brand. MBT has dozens of studies proving the benefits. Doctors, physiotherapists and trainers from around the world recommend MBT. Hospitals and clinics worldwide have used MBT’s in therapeutic applications. Endorsements from doctors, physiotherapists and trainers? These folks who have used the products to help people to recover from injuries and surgeries. How about the other guys?

Some of the competitors of MBT are spending tons of money to advertise their shoes because the rocker sole category is currently very hot. Before you buy, be sure you do your research. Look to see who’s invested time and money to develop a high quality product.

If you’re looking for something that can improve your health and fitness or help you to strengthen your back or rehabilitate certain injuries, you owe it to yourself to look at MBT. (Beware! There are counterfeit MBT’s in the market. If the price looks too good to be true…)

Happy Feet Plus has nine stores in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Our foot health specialists are well versed in the benefits of MBT footwear and can help you select the best sandals or shoes to meet your needs. Click here for locations and phone numbers.

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Finn Comfort Sandals Helped Sandra Walk

Finn Comfort Sandals Helped Sandra Walk

Can Good Quality Footwear Really Make A Difference? You Bet!

Recently we received a “Satisfied Customer” story from Robyn, one of our foot health specialists, that I found interesting. We often hear anecdotes regarding how our footwear (most often our Kenkoh Massage Sandals and the MBT brand) have enabled customers to get around with reduced or even eliminated pain. It was nice to get this first-hand experience that you too may find interesting and helpful.

“On Thursday May 20th a regular customer named Sandra came in for some walking shoes. She told me that at one point she was confined to a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk. During a trip to Sedona, AZ, she decided to try and walk. She had just purchased her first pair of Finn’s from us. To her surprise, she was able to walk without the usual pain that resulted from two ankle breaks, knee surgery and multiple heart attacks. Sandra came back to visit throughout the years and experimented with other brands we carry…Merrell’s, Ecco’s, MBT’s and Aetrex, but never felt the same relief she experienced wearing the Finn’s.”

“We spent around two hours together, establishing styles in Finn Comfort that would best fit her needs. The Jamaica was the shoe in the past that she had the most success with. Sandra left our store having purchased two pairs of Vaasa’s, two pairs of Catalina’s, Birkenstock 2-Part Sport insoles and Thorlos. Next stop for Sandra; Sedona AZ with her new walking shoes.”

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