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Joya: The Softest Shoe in the World ?>

Joya: The Softest Shoe in the World

Joya Puts the Joy Back Into Walking Developed by the son of the original maker of the MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) shoe company, Joya embraces a futuristic and minimalist approach to footwear comfort optimization. Inspired by the natural flow of walking encouraged by MBT’s research findings, Joya’s founders Karl Mueller Jr. and Claudio Minder are dedicated to providing products that continue the MBT legacy, but with a more flexible and lightweight design. Joya shoes are not all about toning or…

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MBT: Footwear With A Philosophy ?>

MBT: Footwear With A Philosophy

MBT Stands for Masai Barefoot Technology In 1996, a groundbreaking connection between instability and the body’s natural movement patterns was discovered by observing the practices of the Masai people. The human foot is best suited for walking and standing on soft ground that has a natural unevenness and resilience. With such information in hand, MBT invented a line of footwear dedicated to re-creating the conditions for which your feet and posture are naturally designed. The combination of conventional footwear and…

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Happy Feet Plus – Sarasota celebrates GRAND OPENING ?>

Happy Feet Plus – Sarasota celebrates GRAND OPENING

Happy Feet Plus – Sarasota celebrates GRAND OPENINGFri Nov 11th and Sat Nov 12th Happy Feet Plus moved from South Tamiami Trail after 5 years, to the much livelier downtown location at 1453 Main Street. This weekend on Friday and Saturday one of the founders, Jane Strong will be there, along with some of their shoe vendors, giving away FREE shoes every hour and FREE gifts with every purchase. The company is also offering sale prices on everything to introduce…

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Are you off your rocker (sole)? ?>

Are you off your rocker (sole)?

Quality and function versus fad and fashion. What are you looking for? If Joe Montana says a something is good it’s got to be true, right? Perhaps, but before you lay down any cash for a pair of rocker sole shoes do some homework. Just to let you know, Happy Feet Plus sells MBT, Cogent and Finn Comfort rocker sole footwear. If you just want the cheapest rocker shoe in a color to match your favorite outfit, you probably do…

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Finn Comfort Sandals Helped Sandra Walk ?>

Finn Comfort Sandals Helped Sandra Walk

Can Good Quality Footwear Really Make A Difference? You Bet! Recently we received a “Satisfied Customer” story from Robyn, one of our foot health specialists, that I found interesting. We often hear anecdotes regarding how our footwear (most often our Kenkoh Massage Sandals and the MBT brand) have enabled customers to get around with reduced or even eliminated pain. It was nice to get this first-hand experience that you too may find interesting and helpful. “On Thursday May 20th a…

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