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Jane’s Picks – Footprints Darlington

Footprints Darlington leather shoes are a great cold weather option. Slip them on over a pair of warm and comfy socks and you’ve got yourself a comfortable shoe for work or shopping. This week I picked the black leather and mud leather Darlingtons. Get a pair for you and a pair as a gift.

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Janes Picks – Arizona Hunter Brown Soft Footbed

Although the weather outside is getting cooler, it’s warm enough inside to still wear your Birkenstock sandals. This week I’ve selected Birkenstock’s Hunter Leather Arizona with a soft footbed. Top quality leather, super soft footbed, and 25% off. Get yours now before the holiday rush.

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Jane’s Picks – Finn Comfort Stanford & Orb

25% off two Finn Comfort clogs? Are we crazy? Not at all, we just love to provide super sales for our super customers. Save $56.25 on the Black Nappa Orb and $57.50 on the Black Nappa Stanford. Hurry, one week only.

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Jane’s Picks – Arizona Leather Soft Footbed Sandals

There’s still a lot of warm weather left this year. Enjoy it in a pair of Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed sandals. This week we’ve got three leather Arizonas on sale. Check ‘em out, save $31.25 and be cool!

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Jane’s Pick – Birkenstock Alabama Black Leather Shoe

OK guys. Would you like to enjoy the comfort of a Birkenstock while you’re at work? Now’s your opportunity to get 25% off one of Birkenstock’s few enclosed shoes. The Alabama features soft leather upper and is fully resoleable. Save $50 this week only.

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Clogs Rule

Happy Feet Plus - Clogs Rule

I never thought I’d wear clogs. Now, if I could, I’d wear nothing else.

What changed? Certainly as I’ve gotten older my inclination is towards comfort versus fashion. But more than that perhaps is an awareness of what it means to wear comfortable and (dare I say) orthopedically correct footwear.

I am particularly fond of the Tatami Oklahoma clog. First, the footbed has great support in all three arches (lateral, medial, and metatarsal). I wore the clogs while walking from one end of Savannah to another with my wife and my feet felt great. On days that I don’t run I prefer the Oklahomas to anything else that I own. They help my legs to rest and recover.

The other thing that I like about clogs is their breathability. You don’t realize how comfortable it is to have the airflow until you go back to wearing a closed-in shoe. In a closed shoe my feet are “hot and bothered”. On the other hand in the clogs there is wiggle room and even in the hot Florida summer my feet feel cool.

So, if you’re sitting at your computer with shoes on that make your feet sweat or your toes feel pinched, think about a clog. They may not look as fashionable with your “little black dress” or Brooks Brothers suit, but they sure as heck will feel better.

And isn’t feeling better more important?

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Jane’s Picks – Alpro G500 White Anti-Slip Shoe

Here’s something special for all of you medical and dental professionals – the Alpro G500 leather shoe. It has a certified anti-slip sole, padded heel collar, velcro strap, and the famous cork footbed. It’s safe, durable, and great for folks who are on their feet all day. Saving $41.25 makes it even sweeter.

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Jane’s Picks – Finn Comfort Saloniki & Tropez

Hello friends! It’s His and Her’s week again. This time I selected two Finn Comfort sandals. For Him, save $71.25 on the Tropez fisherman’s sandal. For Her, save $56.25 on the Saloniki with a cute contrasting strap. Both feature the exceptional comfort and support of a “Finn.”

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Jane’s Picks – Finn Comfort Jamaica Oasis Selina Leather Soft Footbed Sandal

Not only is does the color of this Finn Comfort Jamaica bring to mind images of a cooling oasis, but so does the feel of the soft footbed. Enjoy the comfort of Finn Comfort soft footbed for only $153.74.

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Birkenstock Gizeh Sandal

This is the Birkenstock Gizeh, a thong style sandal that comes in a variety of materials and colors with a fully adjustable strap and shock-absorbing EVA sole to provide healthy, stable comfort.

The upper material comes in a variety of thick yet supple leathers with no artificial dyes keeping the leather breathable, durable and comfortable.

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