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Not Just An Average Joe ?>

Not Just An Average Joe

There are some who call him… Joe. Joe (his real name – no alias needed here) has been fixin’ shoes for 24 years. Joe is our shoe repair guy. We like Joe. He shows up in the morning, says “Hi”, goes into his shop and closes the door. At the end of his day he opens the door, lines up all the nicely polished resoled, repaired, refurbished, re-whatever footwear, and goes home. What magic does Joe perform behind that closed…

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Neuromas Really Hurt ?>

Neuromas Really Hurt

Does the bottom of your foot tingle, burn or feel numb? If you have one or more of these symptoms you might be suffering from Morton’s Neuroma: Tingling, burning, or numbness Pain A feeling that something is inside the ball of your foot A feeling that your sock is bunched up So, what is a neuroma? A neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissues and may occur in almost any part of the body. This thickening, or enlargement, is the…

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Finn Comfort Excellence in Orthopedic Shoes ?>

Finn Comfort Excellence in Orthopedic Shoes

Finn Comfort Orthopedic Shoes are produced with the perfect combination of uncompromising old world European craftsmanship and skills. Finn Comfort shoes are widely prescribed by podiatrists and general health practitioners alike, to help alleviate chronic foot and back pain. Click Here To SHOP at Happy Feet Plus

Resole Those Old Birks & Finns To Save Bucks ?>

Resole Those Old Birks & Finns To Save Bucks

Extend the Life of Your Birkenstock or Finn Comfort Footwear. One of the many advantages of investing in quality footwear like Birkenstock or Finn Comfort is the ability to have them refurbished. Most of the Birkenstock brands have two levels of refurbishment. The least expensive of these is a “resole”. To resole of a Birkenstock our certified technician removes the old EVA sole and replaces it with an authorized replacement sole. This is a great option if the cork footbed…

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Tooting Our Own Horn? You Bet! ?>

Tooting Our Own Horn? You Bet!

Although we don’t often brag about the footwear that we offer sometimes it’s just got to come out, so here goes. “We sell great shoes!” Of course we are going to say that, but maybe seeing what our customers have to say will carry more weight. These are real customers providing real feedback 30 days after having placed an order. This is just a sample of the positive feedback we receive daily. Thanks to all of our customers. SHOE REVIEWED…

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Finn Comfort Sandals Helped Sandra Walk ?>

Finn Comfort Sandals Helped Sandra Walk

Can Good Quality Footwear Really Make A Difference? You Bet! Recently we received a “Satisfied Customer” story from Robyn, one of our foot health specialists, that I found interesting. We often hear anecdotes regarding how our footwear (most often our Kenkoh Massage Sandals and the MBT brand) have enabled customers to get around with reduced or even eliminated pain. It was nice to get this first-hand experience that you too may find interesting and helpful. “On Thursday May 20th a…

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