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Cookin’ With Super-Birkis

Happy Feet Plus - Super-Birkis for Culinary Professionals

Are you a chef, cook, or some other culinary professional. Footwear can be a problem for y’all. You’re on your feet all day, so your footwear has to be comfortable and have good support. Something that’s waterproof would be good too. Easy to clean would also be nice. How about a little color? I think I might have just the thing you’re looking for.

Super-Birki clogs have been a favorite of kitchen staff for a long time. The removable cork footbeds make the long days a little bit more comfortable. Good support for your feet helps keep your knees, hips, and back from rebelling and allows you to better focus on your job. At the end of the day, pull out the footbeds, set them aside to dry, and with some hot water and a little scrubbing of the outers the Super-Birki’s are ready for your next shift.

You say that you want a color other than black? How about a blue, or burgundy, or brown, or rose, or even red! Don’t forget to get a second set of footbeds. Your cork footbeds do need time to recover their resiliency. Swapping foobeds every other day will make them last longer and ensure you’re getting optimal support.

If you sometimes work in an exceptionally wet environment you might want to purchase the polyurethane replacement footbed (item number 025501). It also features a quick-drying microfiber footbed liner so clean-up is fast and easy.

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Who Loves Profi-Birkis and Super-Birkis?

Chefs Like Birki's

Folks in the medical and culinary professions love to wear Super-Birki and Profi-Birki clogs.

It’s easy to see why. Remove the footbeds and you can wash the shoes in water at temperatures up to 140°F. The Profi-Birki’s footbed, being constructed of EVA, is washable in water up to 86°F.

Recently the Profi-Birki with the Alpro-Foam soles received certified slip-resistant status. Just one more reason why kitchen staff love these clogs.

One issue that occasionally arises with both the Super-Birki or the Profi-Birki is the way they fit. Because they are constructed of polyurethane both clogs are designed to be generous. The generous fit allows for air flow around the foot. Since polyurethane is waterproof (which is great in a kitchen or operating room) is does not “breathe”. That’s the reason Birki’s designed them with the generous fit. A tight fit would encourage your feet to sweat which could lead to the growth of fungus and development of bad odor.

Unfortunately the generous fit can make the clog feel “sloppy”. One way to create a tighter fit with either the Super-Birki or Profi-Birki is to remove the footbed and insert a flat foam insole (like the inexpensive kind you can pick up at your local drug store). Place the Birki’s insole back in overtop of the foam insole. The clog will fit tighter, but you’ll still have enough “breathing room” to keep your feet healthy.

If you love the Super-Birki or Profi-Birki, you might want to check out the clogs by Alpro. They are also certified slip-resistant.

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