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The Birkenstock Advantage ?>

The Birkenstock Advantage

Birkenstock Arizona from Happy Feet Plus Birkenstock footwear are made to last an extremely long time and they last an even longer time with proper care. Theses shoes are orthopedically designed and have been approved by many podiatrists as a very important aid in foot care and foot pain relief. From heel pain to back pain, you are sure to experience comfort and relief the more you wear them. Click Here To SHOP at Happy Feet Plus

Who Loves Profi-Birkis and Super-Birkis? ?>

Who Loves Profi-Birkis and Super-Birkis?

Folks in the medical and culinary professions love to wear Super-Birki and Profi-Birki clogs. It’s easy to see why. Remove the footbeds and you can wash the shoes in water at temperatures up to 140°F. The Profi-Birki’s footbed, being constructed of EVA, is washable in water up to 86°F. Recently the Profi-Birki with the Alpro-Foam soles received certified slip-resistant status. Just one more reason why kitchen staff love these clogs. One issue that occasionally arises with both the Super-Birki or…

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