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Why I Like Clogs ?>

Why I Like Clogs

Yes, I’m a guy and I like clogs. Prior to working at Happy Feet Plus I would not even thought about wearing a pair of clogs. No, I came from the corporate world complete with wingtips and button-down collars. Little did I realize how much my feet were crying out for help. Being jammed into “fashionable” shoes were making all the little piggies packed much too tightly together. They wanted, and needed, room to stretch out and breathe. My first…

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Classic Skippers ?>

Classic Skippers

When I say “Classic Skipper” is this the first image that comes to your mind? Perhaps, but I’m thinking more along the lines of the Birki’s Classic Skipper Clog. The Birki’s Classic Skipper does remind me of a shoe that either The Skipper or Gilligan might wear on that tropical isle. It’s a casual and comfortable clog that would look good with Gilligan’s jeans or The Skipper’s khakis. And the others? Yes, they too would look dashing in their very…

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Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs Keep Your Feet Warm ?>

Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs Keep Your Feet Warm

Birkenstock Boston Clogs –Keep your feet warm when the weather gets frightful. Winter is the perfect time to slip into your favorite pair of Boston Suede Clogs and enjoy the warmth and suppleness of the natural suede leather. All Boston clogs feature the famous Birkenstock core and latex footbed. The suede Boston clogs have three footbed options available to you. Color selections are available for the Classic Footbed, the Soft Footbed or the High Arch versions. The Classic Footbed is…

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Alpro A640 Steel Toe Clogs ?>

Alpro A640 Steel Toe Clogs

A steel-toed Birkenstock? Who would’ve guessed how popular the Alpro A640 was going to be? Certainly not us, but it looks like our customers have found out about this one-piece slip-resistant steel-toed clog. Most likely the majority of folks purchasing the washable clog work in either kitchens or laboratories – some place where water or chemicals are present. We just recently shipped nine pair to what appeared to be a lab in New York state. Guess they heard good things…

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Jane’s Picks – Birkenstock Boston Taupe Suede ?>

Jane’s Picks – Birkenstock Boston Taupe Suede

When you think of Birkenstock does the Boston Taupe Suede Clog come to mind? It is one of the best if not The Best Selling Birkenstock of all time. This week I’ve taken 25% off the regular price so that everyone can afford to see why folks around the world love this clog. Click Here To SHOP at Happy Feet Plus

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