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Jane & Jacob Go Off to Aspen

Happy Feet Plus - Jane & Jacob Go Off to Aspen

HFP Owners Jane & Jacob Go to Aspen
for Birkenstock Team Building

It’s June in Florida. The hot weather is rolling in. You get an invitation to Outside in Aspen Event & Birkenstock Meeting sponsored by Birkenstock USA. Do you attend? Well heck yes!



Three Floridians (Jane, Jacob & Kourtney our Birkenstock rep) hiked 2 hours at 12,000 feet. “They said it would be a light hike” commented Jane. Somebody forgot to mention anything about snowshoeing. What fun!

Happy Feet Plus - Jane, Jacob & Our Birkenstock Rep Kourtney at 12,000 ft
Happy Feet Plus - Jane, Jacob & Other Birkenstock Retailers Hiking



Bonding with other Birkenstock retailers as we hiked.

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Jane & Jacob

Birkenstock Blue Footbed versus Custom-Made Orthotics

Happy Feet Plus - Birkenstock Blue Footbeds

Birkenstock is a German orthopaedic footwear company and has been manufacturing footwear since 1774.

The Birkenstock arch suppport, or more commonly known as the “Blue Footbed”, was Birkenstock’s first mass produced product. The Blue Footbed is designed in the shape of a healthy foot, contouring to fit all three arches in the rear of the foot. The current version has been tuned to perfection with the use of today’s modern computer imaging technology. The philosophy behind Birkenstock’s approach to orthopaedic’s is to support the foot as if it were healthy, knowing that since the foot is quite flexible, it will return to it’s original shape.

The Blue Footbed is made out of a flexible cork and lined with silk, one of the most environmentally sound investments in foot health. The benefits are evident with the realignment of the bones in the feet and the consequent realigning of the human skeletal system. This results in improved posture, increased blood circulation and reduction of stress on all of the structural joints, ankles, knees, hips & spine.

Custom-Made Orthotics are prescribed to a patient who has either foot pain and or other structural issues causing pain. The process involves taking an imprint of the patient’s foot, usually in a foam box, and then either casting a plaster cast or sending the imprint away to be “matched” to the appropriate orthotic. The majority of today’s custom orthotics are simply stocked on a shelf, and are not actually manufactured to specifications. There may be a greater success rate with those that are manufactured.

The philosophy of the custom-made orthotics seems to be that custom is better, therefore the price can be raised to the limits that the market will bear. Unfortunately, in my opinion, doing the custom orthotics is a mistake. If you are in pain (the reason that you would seek help) chances are that your feet are out of alignment. If they take an impression of your feet when you are ailing, they will supply you with an “orthotic” (and I use the term loosely here) that will only support you to this level of misalignment. In other words, rather than putting total support under your feet, they are providing you with a shim, to stop your foot from collapsing any further. To further add insult to injury, a large percentage of these custom orthotics are made out of a hard plastic and provide no give, so your feet have to suffer even further.

So, which is better for you? You be the judge, but in my opinion the Birkenstock Blue Footbed is by far the best solution.

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Birkenstock and Sigmund Freud a Love Story

Happy Birkenstock to You

Socks and Sandals Can Be Cool

Happy Feet Plus - Socks with Sandals

Well, we’re back.

It’s been quite a hiatus, but we’re ready to get back to blogging about foot and shoe stuff.

To ease back into the saddle we thought we’d share a video we came across while channel surfing the other day. Take a look. And smile.

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Jane’s Picks – Alpro G500 Slip-Resistant Shoes

Do you need a slip-resistant shoe that makes your back and legs feel good too? If so I’ve got the perfect answer for you – the Alpro G500. In black or white, and the price is right. 25% off one week only. Read the reviews on the product pages and see how happy others are with these super shoes.

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Jane’s Picks – Papillio Tabora Falling Leaves Brown

It may not feel like just quite yet, but Spring is just around the corner. Take advantage of a 25% discount on this great Tabora Soft Footbed Sandal from Papillio. It features a Birkenstock cork footbed with an arch that is a bit less pronounced than the classic Birkenstock arch.

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Oprah likes the shoes from Happy Feet Plus

Happy Feet Plus - Article by Jaleh Hoofar from Oprah Magazine

I admit, Oprah didn’t specifically mention the shoes we sell at Happy Feet Plus, but an article from her magazine says all the right things about the kinds of footwear we sell.

Last week Jane, one of the Happy Feet Plus owners, told me that Birkenstock and Mephisto shoes were mentioned on a recent Dr. Oz show. I went looking for the show segment and struck out. While I was poking around looking for the reference I came across a 2007 article from O, The Oprah Magazine. The information comes from Jaleh Hoofar, a doctor of podiatric medicine.

Dr. Hoofar’s article is right on target. All of the footwear that we support at has the features that Dr. Hoofar espouses. If you want to read her full article see The Shoe Doctor Is In.

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Jane’s Picks – Birkenstock Boston Taupe Suede

When you think of Birkenstock does the Boston Taupe Suede Clog come to mind? It is one of the best if not The Best Selling Birkenstock of all time. This week I’ve taken 25% off the regular price so that everyone can afford to see why folks around the world love this clog.

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Jane’s Picks – Birki’s Haiti Sandals

Are you planning a cruise or Caribbean vacation? Get your Birki’s Haiti’s now. They’re water-friendly, colorful and they feature the exceptional Birki’s footbed. All Birki’s Haiti’s are 25% off, but only this week.

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