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Birkenstock and Sigmund Freud a Love Story

Happy Birkenstock to You

Socks and Sandals Can Be Cool

Happy Feet Plus - Socks with Sandals

Well, we’re back.

It’s been quite a hiatus, but we’re ready to get back to blogging about foot and shoe stuff.

To ease back into the saddle we thought we’d share a video we came across while channel surfing the other day. Take a look. And smile.

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Jane’s Picks – Alpro G500 Slip-Resistant Shoes

Do you need a slip-resistant shoe that makes your back and legs feel good too? If so I’ve got the perfect answer for you – the Alpro G500. In black or white, and the price is right. 25% off one week only. Read the reviews on the product pages and see how happy others are with these super shoes.

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Jane’s Picks – Papillio Tabora Falling Leaves Brown

It may not feel like just quite yet, but Spring is just around the corner. Take advantage of a 25% discount on this great Tabora Soft Footbed Sandal from Papillio. It features a Birkenstock cork footbed with an arch that is a bit less pronounced than the classic Birkenstock arch.

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Oprah likes the shoes from Happy Feet Plus

Happy Feet Plus - Article by Jaleh Hoofar from Oprah Magazine

I admit, Oprah didn’t specifically mention the shoes we sell at Happy Feet Plus, but an article from her magazine says all the right things about the kinds of footwear we sell.

Last week Jane, one of the Happy Feet Plus owners, told me that Birkenstock and Mephisto shoes were mentioned on a recent Dr. Oz show. I went looking for the show segment and struck out. While I was poking around looking for the reference I came across a 2007 article from O, The Oprah Magazine. The information comes from Jaleh Hoofar, a doctor of podiatric medicine.

Dr. Hoofar’s article is right on target. All of the footwear that we support at has the features that Dr. Hoofar espouses. If you want to read her full article see The Shoe Doctor Is In.

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Jane’s Picks – Birkenstock Boston Taupe Suede

When you think of Birkenstock does the Boston Taupe Suede Clog come to mind? It is one of the best if not The Best Selling Birkenstock of all time. This week I’ve taken 25% off the regular price so that everyone can afford to see why folks around the world love this clog.

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Jane’s Picks – Birki’s Haiti Sandals

Are you planning a cruise or Caribbean vacation? Get your Birki’s Haiti’s now. They’re water-friendly, colorful and they feature the exceptional Birki’s footbed. All Birki’s Haiti’s are 25% off, but only this week.

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Jane’s Picks — Footprints Alton Clogs

Guys, this is your chance to get a great deal on one of my favorite clogs for gentlemen. The Footprints Alton has a masculine cut and the heavy-weight leather gives it a boot-like appearance. As always, I’ve taken 25% off the regular price. Enjoy!

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Jabbed by a Heel Spur

Happy Feet Plus - Got Heel Spur


Heel Spur – two words that create an immediate uneasy feeling of pain. In most cases you can avoid developing heel spurs (got that tingley feeling again?) by treating the cause.

While it is unclear exactly why and how heel spurs develop, it is commonly agreed upon that they occur after a plantar fascia sprain. When the plantar fascia is pulled away from the Calcaneum bone (see Three Arches of the Foot) the result is Plantar Fasciitis (see Plantar Fasciitis.) If the Plantar Fasciitis is not addressed, the prolonged stress does not allow the plantar fascia to heal properly, often resulting in the development of a calcium deposit, or Heel Spur.

Proper support of the medial arch (see Three Arches of the Foot) is probably the single most important thing to do to help recover from Plantar Fasciitis or a Heel Spur. Footwear with pronounced arch support, like Birkenstock or Finn Comfort, are a great choice. Their cork footbeds will also conform to your unique foot shape for a custom fit. Wearing the Kenkoh sandal will help dissolve the calcium deposit and aid in the healing process.

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