Are you off your rocker (sole)? ?>

Are you off your rocker (sole)?

Happy Feet Plus - MBT Rocks

Quality and function versus fad and fashion. What are you looking for?

If Joe Montana says a something is good it’s got to be true, right? Perhaps, but before you lay down any cash for a pair of rocker sole shoes do some homework. Just to let you know, Happy Feet Plus sells MBT, Cogent and Finn Comfort rocker sole footwear.

If you just want the cheapest rocker shoe in a color to match your favorite outfit, you probably do not need to read any further. On the other hand, if you’re looking for performance footwear to help work leg and glute muscles, and strengthen your back, then read on.

MBT is recognized as the originator, innovator, and creator of the rocker sole footwear category. Lots of research and development went into the design of their shoes and sandals. You can read more about the research studies by clicking here.

Any high quality shoe is going to be resoleable rather than disposable. When you have your MBT refurbished, the outsole is replaced. The Masai Sensor, which takes most of the impact on the MBT, is also replaced. So too are the shoelaces. Last, but not least, the upper is spiffed up. Can, or will, the other rocker-sole companies do the same?

You might also want to look into the academic research and professional endorsements for each brand. MBT has dozens of studies proving the benefits. Doctors, physiotherapists and trainers from around the world recommend MBT. Hospitals and clinics worldwide have used MBT’s in therapeutic applications. Endorsements from doctors, physiotherapists and trainers? These folks who have used the products to help people to recover from injuries and surgeries. How about the other guys?

Some of the competitors of MBT are spending tons of money to advertise their shoes because the rocker sole category is currently very hot. Before you buy, be sure you do your research. Look to see who’s invested time and money to develop a high quality product.

If you’re looking for something that can improve your health and fitness or help you to strengthen your back or rehabilitate certain injuries, you owe it to yourself to look at MBT. (Beware! There are counterfeit MBT’s in the market. If the price looks too good to be true…)

Happy Feet Plus has nine stores in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Our foot health specialists are well versed in the benefits of MBT footwear and can help you select the best sandals or shoes to meet your needs. Click here for locations and phone numbers.

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