Finn Comfort: The Worlds Best Walking Shoe ?>

Finn Comfort: The Worlds Best Walking Shoe

Why is Finn Comfort Called “The World’s Best Walking Shoe”?

Finn Comfort shoes are the longstanding go-to standard in walking footwear for the sophisticated audience. Since its foundation in 1945 and still to this day, each of their one million plus pairs of shoes made each year is handmade in the original factory located in Bavaria, a state in the southeast corner of Germany. They are then shipped to more than 35 countries across the world. Movement and breathability, natural and comfortable materials, orthopedic support, a physically accurate fit, scientifically designed foot beds, and more features than you can keep up with make this dedicated company the ultimate walking shoe guru for continued foot health.


When you purchase a pair of Finn Comfort footwear, you are not buying a pair of shoes to wear for a little while and then toss them in the trash or in the giveaway corner of your closet. You are securing your orthopedic health for years to come by investing in a product that is designed to be fully repairable. All Finn Comfort shoes can be re-soled, both inside and out, and feature durable leather uppers and lining, which is not only sturdy but comfortably breathable as well. With proper care, you can wear your favorite Finn Comfort shoes every day for years and never have to throw them away.

Medically Sensible

The company makes use of up-to-date medical research and technology to create an entirely anatomically correct shoe. The carefully molded contours and ergonomic materials promote happy and healthy feet. But it does not stop at foot health. When your feet are healthy, comfortable, and positioned correctly, the even weight distribution and improved posture that follows also contributes to bone and muscle health and eases the tension on your spine and stressed joints, like your hips and knees.

Finn Comfort: Naturally Healthy – Inside and Out

Suede linings along with vented cork and latex foot beds are absorbent and porous, allowing air circulation so your feet can stay cool and comfy for hours. Linings are made from organically tanned leather and other materials used, like cork and latex, are highly sustainable. You also get years and years of use out of them rather than adding them to the nearest landfill, making them as environmentally friendly as they are foot friendly. The molded foot beds promote arch support and ensure the proper heel-to-toe motion with each step. Plus, they are removable and can be hand-washed for added convenience and hygiene.

Moving to the outside of the shoe, a curved and reinforced heel provides heel-to-toe guidance and a secure fitting. A lightweight polyurethane outsole with a concave heel is durable, flexible, and easy on your joints. The components of each shoe are flexible, hand-stitched, softly padded, and ventilated to eliminate unnecessary pressure and ensure the ultimate in breathability, comfort, health, and hygiene. The overall shape of each style of shoe is perfectly rounded and unbinding to reflect the natural shape of your foot.

In the world of orthopedic footwear, it is no wonder that Finn Comfort shoes take home the trophy as the best high-quality walking shoe that money can buy.

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