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Month: October 2011

My Feet Hurt. I Need Help. ?>

My Feet Hurt. I Need Help.

  Do you have a lack of support? Do you own shoes that just don’t have the arch support you need? If you have Birkenstock or Finn Comfort shoes you know what good arch support feels like. You can get the Birkenstock or Finn Comfort feel for your non-Birkenstock or non-Finn Comfort shoes just by replacing the original insoles.   The most popular replacement for unsupportive insoles is the Birkenstock Blue Arch Support. The Blue Arch Supports are available for…

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Alpro A640 Steel Toe Clogs ?>

Alpro A640 Steel Toe Clogs

A steel-toed Birkenstock? Who would’ve guessed how popular the Alpro A640 was going to be? Certainly not us, but it looks like our customers have found out about this one-piece slip-resistant steel-toed clog. Most likely the majority of folks purchasing the washable clog work in either kitchens or laboratories – some place where water or chemicals are present. We just recently shipped nine pair to what appeared to be a lab in New York state. Guess they heard good things…

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