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Month: September 2010

Are You Pregant and Do Your Feet Hurt? ?>

Are You Pregant and Do Your Feet Hurt?

  OK, so I’m a guy and can’t fully appreciate the effects that pregnancy bestows on a woman’s body. Although if I knew then, when she was pregnant oh so many years ago, what I know now my wife would have been at least a bit more comfortable. You may hate for saying this, but do your toes look like sausages stuffed into your shoes? It’s not your fault, you’ve just got the wrong shoes. Normally a woman will wear…

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Sneaker Season ?>

Sneaker Season

  Most of the country is preparing for Fall and your sandals (your Birkenstock sandals?) are going into the closet. So what can you wear instead and still have the support, quality and comfort you’ve come to love from those Birks? I’ve got a couple of suggestions. From the Birkenstock family of products, there are three styles from Footprints that fit the bill – the Darlington, the Davenport and the Santarem. These are fashionable sneakers but with a level of…

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Guys Like Birkenstocks Too ?>

Guys Like Birkenstocks Too

I just read a comment from one of the blog readers and was surprised. The author is a male who has an interest in distributing foot health information, but he was unaware that Birkenstock made footwear for guys. What a wonderful world this guy has been missing! If there’s one person who doesn’t know that there are Birkenstocks for men, there are probably thousands (tens, or hundreds of thousands, or more?) of guys wondering around with sore feet. Well guys,…

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Comfort Gone Cute ?>

Comfort Gone Cute

Have you heard of Taos footwear? Probably not. Taos is a small manufacturer that has been around for only about 5 years, but during that time they have made a big name for themselves as an independent label featuring comfort casual footwear. With no fanfare, last week we began offer Taos footwear to our on-line customers. The response has been unexpectedly outstanding. So what is it that makes these shoes, sandals, clogs, and boots so different? Taos describes them as…

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In-Store Clearance Sale ?>

In-Store Clearance Sale

Yes, they’re mostly odd lots, odd sizes, and some odd shoes but you CAN save bundles. If you live near one of the nine Happy Feet Plus stores in the greater Tampa Bay area you can take advantage of this big sale. (Click here for a list of store locations and hours of operation.) Almost every brand we carry has some style or size marked down. With over 4000 items on sale you’re sure to find something in a style…

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